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June 22, 2005


Mike Gudka

I was stunned to hear about Mark's departure from this life. As many of you know, Mark and I were at the opposite ends of the theological spectrim, but we were still united as brothers in Christ. During our final presentation in Ministry, I jokingly commented, "I love Mark, and when we both get to heaven and Mark finds out that I was right, he will love me too." Mark just laughed and said, "But you will be the only one there." It seems that Mark got to meet our Lord and Savior before me and I know that he still brings smiles to all those new friends who surround him today. To his family I say I can only imagine how difficult this time is and I pray that God will continue to wrap God's loving arms around all of you. And to Mark I say, I look forward to seeing you again as we live for eternity as brothers in Christ. God bless.

Jeanine Rishel

It's been almost a month now and I'm sure that in a great sense the grieving is even heavier. I've thought about you so much and have had you in my prayers. I never knew Mark at all and felt like I only knew you thorugh our Salina Monday gatherings. But, I have felt a closeness to you during this time and just wanted you to know that. Please know that the pain will eventually stop and the good memories will continue to grow. My heart and my prayers are with you and your family, Linda.
Pastor Jeanine


The first week back to seminary has been a difficult one. It is hard not to look for Mark in chapel or in class. I miss him stealing my water at lunch because he always knew I would bring an extra one to the table.
In the tradition of us "first years" we went out to Minskey's pizza on Monday evening and Mark Calhoun and I drank very nasty "red beers" in honor of him.
There are still not words to express how we all felt about Mark, but I promise that the memories of all of us making it through our first year of seminary will never go without a story about Mark.

Phil Flynt

Remeber that one time last semester when Calhoun and Mark where talking in a microphone about how "stupid" of an idea it was that we enter through the back door? That was pretty hilarious.

I was touched by the way Mark always could light up a room with laughter or a funny joke. He always made us think by coming up with some provoking comment in Systematic Theology.

Jay McNeal

I am grateful for Mark's jovial and kind nature. Thank you, God, for letting myself and spst know him. And, most selfishly, please be sure Mark knows how much I will always appreciate his being the first person to suggest professional ministry to DeMay (allowing our paths to cross). I love you, friend. Each of us must be ourselves but each of us hopes we find the same peace and happiness we experienced with you.
Until we meet again,

Chris (Mark;s Son)

I found myself bored on a night shift while stationed overseas in Guam and was doing a Googel on random things and put Dad's name in and came across this blog. being overseas for the last four years I was unable to see Dad's transition and never had any idea how many lives he was able to touch and Im truley touched to see how many of you have put him in your prayers.

Most of you don't know me but I want to say

I'm still amazed how I cam across this.........

SrA Chris Griffith

Sarah Rempel

My husband Cassidy Claassen and I remember Mark from our days in Bible and Religion Seminar at Bethel College in Newton, Kansas. We were saddened to hear of his passing as it was reported in our Bethel College alumni magazine. We remember Mark as a friendly guy, always willing to share his opinion with a friendly smile on his face.

Stacy Griffith

I love and miss you everyday dad!

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